Free Fish Eye Avatars from WoO

21 Apr


At RFL, you can snag these adorable and free fish eye avatars during the duration of event and maybe after not too sure.



Coco Free Kid Avatar

14 Mar


Doll Coco, known best for her doll jointed avatars, has finally come out with a kid version.

You can get a free body and head and even some clothing and accessories for free if you’re in the free update group.

Gets yours now and become a cute ball jointed kid doll avie today!


Chibi Pastel

2 Nov


So came across this store “NAM” that makes the most adorable chibi avatars fit for humans, furries and boys alike. There is a bunch of customization you can do, different clothing, hair, accessories etc to purchase to truly make the chibi the chibi you choose! 😀

I decided to start off getting the basic unisex chibi that looks more human like. Everything you see is included, along with huds to change the skin/eyes etc.

The clothing and hair were freebies, and I just recolored the top and the underwear!

The price of this avatar is 400l, but you get a updater included, so if she decides to update the avatar to another version, you will be able to get the latest for FREE

Style Credits:

Avatar:“NAM” Chibi – unisex

Hair: “NAM”free Arme mesh hair

Top: “NAM” Basic shirt – Orange

Bottom: “NAM” panties

Necklace: [RI] Cotton Candy Necklace (Pink) (past gacha)

Head: WR : Cotton Candy Clouds : Purple Sprinkles COMMON (past gacha)


23 Jan

Absolutely love this new FREE mesh avie from *DOLL COCO*.

It’s a cute small Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

It also has a mesh stuffed toto, but to really show off the avie, I decided to take it off.

There is also a bunch of FREE mesh statues of Dorothy and her friends, which you can use to decorate your house/store/sim etc!

Not sure how long this will be out, so hurry on down to grab yourself a copy!




26 Dec

Came across this really cool and cheap (25l) full perm unicorn robot avatar the other day and have not taken it off since.

I love unicorns and love how futuristic this avie looks.

It is rigged mesh and comes with a hud to recolor the body and joints etc, and comes with optional to wear horn, wings and tail.

You also get a micro version of the avie.


Style Credits:

Avatar: Mesh ponybot avatar – 31’s Loot’s Shop

Jewelry: Glow Bracelet : purple – TOCHIGI (store is closed?)

Lollypop: *G-D* Lolipop (blue) – GUARAN-DOU

Candy Cane Bear Avatar

8 Dec

Curious Kitties has a new game out, where you can get awesome winter themed products all for the low price of 0l.

One of the prizes you can get are these cute candy cane bear avatars complete with big candy cane. They are mesh and come in green and red colors. The head bears come in the same colors.

The particles are also a prize.

All you have to do to get this avatar and more prizes fit for humans is visit the tree at CK, and wait for a falling box. Click the box quickly and a prize you shall receive. Rinse and repeat till you have them all.




furball avatar

30 Nov

Curious Kitties latest avatar creation is these cute furballs. They come in a variety of styles: soft, feathery, whisp, monster etc… and can be recolored with the included hud.

Each furball avatar is 100l and comes with copy and mod permissions.

I went with the whisp, as it just looks ethereal, and really pretty.

Stop reading and go get yer own furball, HERE.